Academic writing and publishing – resources

This tutorial includes materials on academic writing and communicating research focusing mainly on the NTK resources and materials (except the Online resources tab). See STEMskiller for more information on academic writing and related topics.

If you wish to meet and discuss your project in detail, please schedule a face-to-face consultation (up to one hour).

We provide regularly-scheduled and customized instruction on advanced searching, citing, and communicating research in English. Follow up our up-to-date webinar schedule.

  • STEMskiller: comprehensive skill set map for early career researchers, including further information on academic writing and related topics.
  • Webinars for Early Career Researchers (Summer semester 2022): Moodle course including slides and recordings of NTK webinars on topics connected to academic writing and publishing, such as advanced search, citation databases (Web of Science, Scopus), academic integrity or academic online presence.
  • My First Scientific Article: NTK webinar (slides and recording) that provides basic information on scientific articles (e.g., types, common features, structure), publishing process, and includes tips on choice of the journal and writing itself.
  • Sharing and publishing data: NTK handout, overview of possibilities and issues to think about when planning to publish data.
  • Compete as an International Scholar: checklist with framing questions that outline different information needs of future scholars, based on their multiple roles in academia.

Archived Course Material

  • The library provides for your use a variety of (highly underutilized) resources regarding effective communication of research. These include dictionaries and encyclopedias regarding specific disciplinary areas, print and eBooks, and—last but not least—eResources the library provides, the majority of which contain English language content.

    Knowledge Navigation Corner

    To making finding print resources easier for you, we have placed key materials in one location, on the reference shelf in the Main Service Hall (the “Knowledge Nativation Corner”). Many of these books were selected in collaboration with the CTU Scientific Writing and Publication Course instructors.

    Additional Books and eBooks


    • The Texas A&M Writing Center provides guides and videos covering all aspects of the writing process and well as tips for presenting and managing your time effectively.
    • Purdue OWL: instructional materials and resources about academic writing in English, including tips for specific fields (including engineering) and advice for non-native English speakers (e. g., how to write your CV).
    • Excelsior OWL: many tips for writing in English. To review key topics, try the Writing Refresher self-paced modules.
    • Manchester Academic Phrasebank: a database of words and phrases frequently used in scientific writing. In addition to recommendations for phrases used in different sections of academic articles and other texts (e.g. the introduction or methodology section), you can find advice on linking the paragraphs or properly citing the work of others.
    • The European Commission's official English Style Guide (used by EC authors and translators) is helpful for writing within the context of EC activities.


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