Online courses, eLearning

MIT Open Courseware

Since September 2002, MIT has provided free online covering a wide range of disciplines, from IT to humanities. Browse to find a course or search using keywords (upper right).

Harvard Online Courses

Harvard offers some courses for no charge via the edX platform (enroll after registering in edX). Topics range from Python in research to biochemistry to analysis of Shakespeare’s works.

Video Lectures

Stanford University, Columbia University, and Yale University share a number of courses and recorded lectures on their YouTube channels. Disciplines covered include mathematics, physics, engineering, biomedicine, chemistry, and medicine.

Khan Academy

Quality educational courses (primary, secondary, and university levels). Use keywords to search for specific topics (upper left corner).

PhD on Track

Comprehensive information and advice for early career researchers.


Search for reviews of online courses provided by Coursera, edX, and others.





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