eResources Accessible from Home

NTK provides access to a wide array of electronic content. The library also provides access to many open high-quality online courses and eLearning resources.

To be able to access NTK electronic resources remotely, you need to login to your library account (top right). If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it.

You can search and access NTK electronic resources in several ways:

NTK Discovery Tool

Use the search box at the top of every library web page to get access to content (eBooks and eJournals) the library provides as well as openly available materials. Select the filter Full Text Online to limit your results to full text only.

To access a full text document, click on its title or the Full Text Online link.  

Searching for Full Text

  • If you are not logged in or working in your institution's network, you need to select your institution and preferred provider.
  • If prompted, log in with your username and password.


If you encounter any problems or require additional help, view our video tutorial, Find Full Text Articles and eBooks, or reach out to us at: You can also schedule a remote video consultation with us.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar provides you with the ability to display links to full text the library offers.

From the Google Scholar main page, go to the menu (three bar icon, top left). Click on Settings, and then choose Library links. Use the search box to find National Library of Technology - Full text @NTK as illustrated below. Tick the box for the library and click Save.

Google scholar - Setting Library Links

The next time you use Google Scholar, you will see links to full text labeled Full text @ NTK to the right of your search results. Find more information in our guide.
Showing Library Links in Google Scholar

When going through the list of items retrieved from Google Scholar or the NTK Discovery Tool, pay attention to the names of content providers and individual journals. If you see a pattern of documents relevant to your topic occurring in a specific provider or journal, you can also search within these to get even better search results.


You can access popular resources from the main library page under the “Selected databases” heading.

If you select All eResources under the main search box, you will get a list of all content providers the library offers. You can use filters to find resources relevant to a particular subject or in a particular format or language. To access any of these from home, select the via NTK button. For more information, select Description.

eBook Search

If you are looking for a specific eBook, select eBook Search under the main search box. Search by title, international standard book number (ISBN), or author. To access the book, click on its title. Learn more about using eBooks here.

eBook Search interface

  • Select your institution and preffered provider.
  • If prompted, log in with your username and password.


Journal Search

To locate a specific journal, select Journal Search under the main search box. Search using the journal’s title or its international standard serial number (ISSN). Access journal full text by clicking its title. If you encounter problems, contact us at: .

Steps to access eJournals

  • Select your institution and preferred provider.
  • If prompted, log in with your username and password.


Rare documents in NTK Digital Library

You can find more than 600 rare documents from technical fields and old maps in the NTK Digital Library. No login is required. Most of these items are in Czech.

Click here to access the NTK Digital Library. Search for a specific book or topic using the search box or browse content by clicking on the Enter button. Select the filter Public to limit your results to full text only.




During the COVID-19 crisis, several content providers are temporarily providing access to content usually not offered by the library. Find more information here; relevant providers are marked with the icon.

We recommend the following resources:

Elsevier: electronic textbooks

Elsevier has made all of its textbooks (including STEM and medical texts) available to Science Direct subscribers through August 31, 2020. Login using your NTK account to access.

List of available titles


Core STEM materials will be available through August 31, 2020. No login is required.

Trusted, Scientific Resources: SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19

Libraries and scientific communities are banding together to provide you with evidence-based information about the COVID-19 pandemic. See our COVID-19 resource guide.



MIT Open Courseware

Since September 2002, MIT has provided free online covering a wide range of disciplines, from IT to humanities. Browse to find a course or search using keywords (upper right).

Harvard Online Courses

Harvard offers some courses for no charge via the edX platform (enroll after registering in edX). Topics range from Python in research to biochemistry to analysis of Shakespeare’s works.

Video Lectures

Stanford University, Columbia University, and Yale University share a number of courses and recorded lectures on their YouTube channels. Disciplines covered include mathematics, physics, engineering, biomedicine, chemistry, and medicine.

Khan Academy

Quality educational courses (primary, secondary, and university levels). Use keywords to search for specific topics (upper left corner).

PhD on Track

Comprehensive information and advice for early career researchers.


Search for reviews of online courses provided by Coursera, edX, and others.

Academic Writing

Purdue OWL

Instructional materials and resources about academic writing in English, including tips for specific fields (including engineering) and advice for non-native English speakers (e. g., how to write your CV).

Texas A&M University Writing Center

Guides and videos covering all aspects of the writing process and well as tips for presenting and managing your time effectively.

Excelsior OWL

Many tips for writing in English. To review key topics, try the Writing Refresher self-paced modules.

Manchester Academic Phrasebank

A database of words and phrases frequently used in scientific writing. In addition to recommendations for phrases used in different sections of academic articles and other texts (e.g., the introduction or methodology section), you can find advice on linking the paragraphs or properly citing the work of others.





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