Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a search engine for scholarly information (articles from academic publishers, online repositories, conference proceedings, and so on.). It also provides links to freely available full-text articles.

Google Scholar provides you with the ability to display links to the full texts the library offers. Find out more about its functions in the detailed guides.

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Setting Library Links (connection with NTK)

Google Scholar provides you with the ability to display links to the full texts the library offers.

From the Google Scholar main page, go to the menu (three bar icon, top left). Click on Settings, and then choose Library links. Use the search box to find National Library of Technology - Full text @NTK as illustrated below. Tick the box for the library and click Save.

You can set the Library Links also for other libraries/institutions (including the University of Chemistry and Technology and the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry AS CR).

Google scholar - Setting Library Links

Google scholar - Library Links to NTK

The next time you use Google Scholar, you will see links to full texts labeled Full text @ NTK to the right of your search results.

When going through the list of items retrieved from Google Scholar, pay attention to the names of content providers and individual journals. If you see a pattern of documents relevant to your topic occurring in a specific provider or journal, you can also search within these to get even better search results.

Other Useful Features of Google Scholar

For more information see the detailed guide. 

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