Navigating Scientific Resources & Staying Organized

Making It Easier to Write a Ph.D. Dissertation, Article, or Proposal

Date and time

Format and language


Tuesday, March 5
10:00 – 11:00 a.m.  (60 min)

Webinar in English

All students,
PhD candidates

Webinars are free of charge and you do not need to be registered with the library. We will send you detailed instructions for connecting to the given webinar by email after the registration.

Who should participate?

This webinar is designed primarily for doctoral candidates who are writing dissertations or scientific articles. Anyone interested in searching, evaluating, and citing academic resources is also very welcome.

What topics will be covered?

Learn how to conduct literature reviews for your dissertation or articles and how to organize yourself through this process. Topics include (but are not limited to): 

  • How can I save time when searching for literature and accessing full-text articles?
  • Getting full texts of materials that are hard-to-find
  • Staying organized while writing (using citation managers and notes)
  • Where can I publish the outputs of my work (i.e., identifying, evaluating, and targeting journals and conferences)?


Slides and other presented materials are available in NTK Moodle Course.

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