Theses written by others can be a valuable source of inspiration for the structure of your thesis, or for gaining an overview of your field or topic. If you find a thesis similar to the one you are thinking of writing, take a look on the list of resources and literature review chapter. However, be careful, because not all published theses are credible and some may contain errors, so always check the evaluation by the thesis review committee (if available).

Theses from around the world

You can search for theses directly in the repository of a particular institution, or use Google Scholar or other search engine/repository that searches across multiple institutions.  

Here, we present only a selection of these tools. If you are interested in theses from a particular institution, try searching its repository with its name and keyword (for example, “MIT repository”).

National and international repositories

Selected institutional repositories:

Czech theses

Searching across universities

If you want to search for theses on a certain topic from more than one institution at once, use the following search engines:

Selected institutional repositories

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