Don't hesitate to contact us via email info@techlib.cz or phone (+420) 232 002 535 Monday 9:00 - 20:00 and Tuesday to Friday 9:00 - 17:00.


Registered patrons can:

Anyone older than 15 years of age with a valid passport/ID.

To register, you need:

  • A valid passport, identity card or residence permit

  • A chip card with your name and photo which will serve as your patron card (e. g., ISIC, ITIC, OpenCard, ČD In-karta)

  • Please complete the pre-registration form online first. Then come to the library registration desk within 30 days to complete the process.

  • If you are not affiliated with CTU, UCT, IOCB, or CZU, pay a registration fee


    Students/faculty/staff of CTU Prague, UCT Prague, IOCB Prague and CZU Prague


    Other students

    50 CZK/per year or 25 CZK/six months

    General public, academic teachers and researchers from other institutions

    100 CZK/per year or 50 CZK/six months

    residents of 65 years or older, disabled person

    50 CZK/per year or 25 CZK/six months

You can still enter the library without registering by using a free day pass.

Without registering, you will not be able to logon to computers or use NTK-Simple Wi-Fi.

Your username and password are required to:

NTK and CTU CL are located in the same building but they are two independent institutions.

Information about NTK and CTU CL library services is available on their respective websites. CTU CL is located on the right side of the Central Desk on the second floor and in CTU Study Room on the fifth floor.

If you want to use both libraries’ services, you must register separately at each library.

We use email and telephone numbers to communicate with you regarding reservations, due dates, and to send you NTK news. Minimally we require an email when you register.


You can find the opening hours on the NTK homepage and on the Opening Hours page.

There are two Wi-Fi options:

  • NTK-Simple: for registered users only

  • Eduroam: for students, university teachers, and researchers only; Eduroam is provided by your home institution (NTK doesn´t maintain this Wi-Fi network and you don´t need to register with NTK to login using Eduroam).

Patron services (staffed) hours are provided on the Opening Hours page. Many library services are available when the library desks are unstaffed.

During patron services (staffed) periods:

  • Information professionals are present at desks

  • The Main Service Desk is open (second floor)

  • Consultations are provided

  • The Cash Desk is open (second floor)

  • Periodicals Reading Room services are available

  • You can check out eReaders and assorted materials (headphones, power banks, chargers, umbrellas, games, and so on)

  • Library staff can answer your inquiries and complaints and help you use computers, self-service print/scan/copy machines, and assist you in reserving Team Study Rooms.

When the library desks are unstaffed, you can:

90 public computers (terminals) are available to all registered patrons on Floors 3 to 6. Several PCs are also available in the After Hours Study Room.

If printing doesn´t work, please contact an information professional during Patron Services (staffed) hours.

If something printed or copied incorrectly you can request a refund by filling out this form and giving the incorrectly printed or copied pages to staff at the Registration/Information desk (ground floor) or the Main Services Desk (second floor). The library will process each refund request within 30 days. For information about the status of your refund, ask library staff in person or contact us via email.

Please ask for assistance at the Information Desk on the ground floor or at the Main Services Desk on the second floor. During hours when Patron Services are unavailable, please contact security personnel.

If for any reason there is a technical problem while reserving a Team Study Room, you can file a complaint.

You can rent an individual study carrel for a whole semester. At the beginning of each semester, complete the form that will appear on this page.

Due to high demand, carrel applications are usually evaluated according to academic status and, if needed, a lottery.

You have to bring the form to the Information Desk (ground floor), Main Services Desk (second floor) or Periodicals Reading Room (third floor) during library patron service opening hours.

You have to return anything you have checked out and pay any outstanding fines before we can approve your checklist.

You can find this information in your user account. Login using your username and password.

Your financial account can be charged from home (via online payment or bank transfer) or at the Cash Desk on the ground floor (open only during Patron Services hours).

Login to your user account in the top right-hand corner of the NTK website. User the username and password you selected when you registered.

You can change your password when you login to your user account or ask for help at the Information desk (ground floor) or Main Service Desk (second floor).

Ask for your password using the Forgotten Password website or ask for help at the Information desk (ground floor) or Main Service Desk (second floor).

  • An office supply vending machine is located on the third floor (the machine only accepts coins).

Searching and borrowing

You can use the following options:

  • Subject Guides: information about print and electronic resources in selected fields

  • Open Stacks Guide: location of books and other library materials, grouped by subject

Search using the NTK catalog or ask our information professionals during Patron Services hours.

You can access technical standards in the Periodicals Reading Room (you cannot take copy or take pictures of them).

  • Electronic versions: use the computers in the Periodicals Reading Room

  • Print versions: order them from the library stacks

The Periodicals Reading Room is open during Patron Services hours.

You can use the self-check machines; two are located on the ground floor near the entrance tourniquets, two are on the second floor across from the Main Service Desk, and one is on the third floor near the reserves bookshelf.

There are several reasons; ask library staff for assistance:

  • The item (marked with a red dot) is available only for study in the library. Usually these are popular items used by many patrons.

  • You have an outstanding fee

  • Your need to provide the library with proof of your residence in the Czech Republic

  • Your registration is going to expire soon.

  • When the library’s open, you can return books using the two self-service return machine on the ground floor (one is across from the NTK Gallery; the other one is near the cash/registration desk).

  • When the library’s not open, you can use the return box located at the NTK3 entrance. If you return something there, your user account will be updated the next business day.

Manuals – How to return materials

Yes, you have to pay a fine. Late return charges are typically 2 CZK per item per business day. For eReaders, power banks, or iPads, the late fee is 20 CZK/business day.

Read more here: Borrow, Return, Renew.

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