Support for High Schools

We offer support for high school teachers and students by means of consultations, workshops, and webinars.

We are eager to offer high school teachers and administrators our assistance and collaboration in working towards achieving and maintaining an optimal level of information literacy skills and developing the "prudence" necessary for successful educational endeavors in today's rapidly changing networked world. Our main goal is to help teachers and students navigate the world of information, strengthen their information competencies, and prepare students for an information society requiring life-long learning.

We provide support in the following areas:

  • Advanced searching and working with reliable information resources and tools
  • Preparation, writing, and presentation of research papers and essays
  • Selection and evaluation of information resources
  • Proper citation management, quotation, and referencing (i.e., ethics in referring to works by others)
  • Optimal use of emergent learning technologies, information resources, and tools

Access to Information Resources

Anyone 15 years of age and older can become a library patron and gain access to a multitude of print and electronic information resources. Use NTK's Discovery tool or Google Scholar (linked with NTK) to find what you are looking for.

Take a look at our tutorials about navigating information resources more efficiently.

Workshops/Webinars and Consultations

Every semester, we offer a selection of courses intended primarily for university students but open to the general public, including high school teachers and students.

For high schools, we offer custom-made workshops focused primarily on finding, evaluating information, and citing resources. Unfortunately, due to our limited capacity, we cannot offer yearly recurring workshops for students. However, we are happy to offer a model workshop for one class attended by teachers, who can use our materials to conduct their own workshops.

We also offer workshops for teachers in person or as webinars. There is no charge for public school teacher workshops, but such workshops for private schools require a fee.

Consultations might serve as an alternative/follow-up to workshops. We provide them at no cost individually or for small groups in order to be able to focus on the particular problems you are facing.

Partner Schools

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