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NTK has collected ME literature since the beginning of the seventeeth century and is actively expanding its collection in these subjects, increasingly including eResources (eBooks and eJournals).

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Mechanical engineering books are located on the fourth floor, shelves 4C/055-4C/203, call numbers TJ1-TJ1570. Books on vehicles are located on the third floor, shelves 3A/076-3B/029.

Subject Shelf Call Number
Mechanical drawing. Engineering graphics 5D/168-5D/206 T351-T385
Engineering design. Drawings and designs. Models 4A/065-4A/069 TA174-TA177
Mechanics of engineering. Applied mechanics 4A/090-4A/105 TA349-TA359
Mechanical engineering and machinery (General) 4C/086-4C/099 TJ1-TJ160.5
Mechatronics 4C/100 TJ163.12
Power resources & Energy conservation 4C/101-4C/103 TJ163.13-TJ163.5.W66
Power plants & Energy storage 4C/103 TJ164-TJ165
Mechanics applied to machinery. Dynamics & Kinematics of machinery. Vibration of machinery 4C/104-4C/105 TJ170-TJ179
Mechanical movements. Gearing 4C/106-4C/107 TJ181-TJ210
Mechanical devices and figures. Automata. Ingenious mechanisms. Robots (General) 4C/110-4C/114 TJ210.2-TJ211.495
Control engineering systems. Automatic machinery (General) 4C/127-4C/139 TJ212-TJ225
Machine design and drawing 4C/140-4C/141 TJ227-TJ240
Machinery manufacturing (General) & Machine parts 4C/142-4C/146 TJ241-TJ254
Combustion engineering & Heat engines 4C/146-4C/151 TJ254.5-TJ265
Turbines. Turbomachines (General) 4C/152-4C/153 TJ266-TJ267.5
Steam engineering 4C/154-4C/155 TJ268-TJ740
Miscellaneous motors and engines 4C/157-4C/160 TJ751-TJ805
Renewable energy sources 4C/161-4C/163 TJ807-TJ830
Hydraulic machinery 4C/164-4C/170 TJ836-TJ935
Vacuum technology & Pneumatic machinery 4C/171-4C/175 TJ940-TJ1030
Machinery exclusive of prime movers (incl. Bearings) 4C/176-4C/182 TJ1040-TJ1119
Machine shops and machine shop practice 4C/183-4C/199 TJ1125-TJ1345
Hoisting and conveying machinery 4C/200-4C/201 TJ1350-TJ1418
Lifting and pressing machinery 4C/202 TJ1425-TJ1475
Agricultural machinery. Farm machinery. Sewing machines. Other special machinery 4C/203 TJ1480-TJ1570
Motor vehicles & Cycles 3A/075-3A/122 TL1-TL484
Aeronautics. Aeronautical engineering 3B/001-3B/025 TL500-TL778
Rocket propulsion. Rockets 3B/026 TL780-TL785
Astronautics. Space travel 3B/027-3B/029 TL787-TL4050
Heat. Thermometers. Thermometry 5B/140-5B/141 QC270-QC278.6
Heat. Thermodynamics 5B/141-5B/145 QC310.15-QC319
Heat. Heat transfer 5B/145-5B/149 QC319.8-QC338.5
Heat (Other topics) 5B/140-5B/141 QC251-QC267, QC280-QC310

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A-Z title list of electronic journals in Mechanical Engineering

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Recommended journals (ASME)

ISSN Title
0021-8936 Journal of Applied Mechanics
0022-0434 Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement, and Control
0742-4795 Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power
0022-1481 Journal of Heat Transfer
1087-1357 Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering
1050-0472 Journal of Mechanical Design
0742-4787 Journal of Tribology
0889-504X Journal of Turbomachinery
1048-9002 Journal of Vibration and Acoustics

Print Journals

A-Z title list of print journals

Recent issues of print journals in Mechanical Engineering are located in the Periodicals Reading Room on the third floor, shelves 3D/071-3D/077. Print journals on motor vehicles, aeronautics and astronautics are located on shelves 3D/089-3D/097. Technology journals are available on shelves 3D/045-3D/048.

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