Computer Architecture

Books dealing with computer architecture first appeared in the library during the second half of the 20th century. These books were written in languages other than Czech, and are these days generally housed in underground storage rather than on the library shelves. Recent books are in the open stacks on shelves 3A/047-050 and 6D/076-078; print journals are in the Periodicals Reading Room.


New books in Electrotechnics & Electronics and Computer Science

USB complete : the developer's guide Computer systems architecture Exploring BeagleBone : tools and techniques for building with embedded Linux Digital electronics : a primer - introductory logic circuit design High-bandwidth memory interface Secure smart embedded devices, platforms and applications

Newly Arrived Print Journal Issues

The Periodicals Reading Room is on the 3rd floor to the right of the elevators in section 3D. There you can find the most recent issues of print journals including fields like electronics, technology, and others.

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