This subject guide explores the environment, including all aspects of: air and water pollution, environmental engineering, human health effects, natural resources, biological resources, conservation, law, policy, international relations, economics, and other topics.

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Subject Shelf Call Number
Usage of waste 3C/037 TP 995-996
Environmental engineering 4A/064 TA170-171
Environmental technology general 4B/102-107 TD1-TD158
Environmental protection 4B/109-112 TD169-TD171.8
Environmental pollution 4B/113-119 TD172-TD193.5
Environmental effects of industries and plants 4B/119-120 TD194-195
Water pollution, water protection 4B/145-149 TD881-890
Noise, noise protection 4B/150 TD891-894
Natural history (General) 5C/321-324 QH1-278.5
Greenhouse effect, global warming 5C/045-047 QC882-994.9
Soil conservation and protection 5C/407 S622-627
Fertilizers and improvement of the soil 5C/408 S631-667.2
Environmental sciences 6A/046-049 GE
Human ecology 6A/050 GF

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Recommended print journals

ISSN Title
0944-1344 Environmental science and pollution research international
8765-4321 Environmental engineering
1805-0174 European journal of environmental sciences

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