Computer Networks

The library's collection contains several thousand books on computer networks stored mainly in sector 4D/091-4D/106. Retrieve a list of them with the library catalog, an overview with the appropriate locations is listed under the Books tab. The library also provides thousands of online books which are available on Ebook Central (former Ebrary) and SpringerLink platforms.


New books in Electrotechnics & Electronics and Computer Science

Encyclopedia of cloud computing OpenStack essentials : demystify the cloud by building your own private OpenStack cloud Introduction to communication networks Network and data security for non-engineers DDoS attacks : evolution, detection, prevention, reaction, and tolerance SSL and TLS : theory and practice Network science New trends in perceptions and use of domain names - critical and comparative analysis of the modern domain name universe CCNA : výukový průvodce Foundations of modern networking : SDN, NFV, QoE, IoT, and Cloud Cover: Opportunistic mobile social networks Hacking : praktický průvodce penetračním testováním Industrial communication technology handbook Cover: Síťové aplikace a jejich architektura Design of modern communication networks : methods and applications Cover: Počítačové sítě Cover: Mastering exchange server 2013

Newly Arrived Print Journal Issues

The Periodicals Reading Room is on the 3rd floor to the right of the elevators in section 3D. There you can find the most recent issues of print journals including fields like electronics, technology, and others.

Electronic Books

Print Books

Books on this topic are located mostly on fourth and sixth floors:

Subject Shelf Call Number
Apparatus and supplies 4D/092 TK5105.53-TK5105.546
Electronic villages 4D/096 TK5105.83
Cloud computing 6C/305 QA76.585
Computer network architectures 4D/091-4D/092 TK5105.52-TK5105.525
Computer network protocols. Standards 4D/092 TK5105.55-TK5105.58
Computer network security 4D/092-4D/093, 4D/068 TK5105.59
Computer networks (all topics) Multiple locations TK5105.5-TK5105.9
Directory services 4D/093 TK5105.595
Internet 4D/096-4D/100 TK5105.875.I57
LAN (Local Area Networks) 4D/093-4D/096 TK5105.7
MAN (Metropolitan Area Networks) 4D/096 TK5105.85
Telematics 4D/093 TK5105.6
WAN (Wide Area Networks) 4D/092-4D/106 TK5105.87-TK5105.8887

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