Computer Security and Cryptology

This subject guide deals with the security of your computer. Information about encoding, hacking, privacy protection, and also cybercrime is presented here.

New Books

Linux server security : hack and defend Official (ISC) guide to the CISSP CBK Mobile forensic investigations : a guide to evidence collection, analysis, and presentation Cover:Cybercrime and digital forensics : an introduction Network and data security for non-engineers SSL and TLS : theory and practice Bezpečně n@ internetu : průvodce chováním ve světě online Protecting mobile networks and devices : challenges and solutions Cover:What every engineer should know about cyber security and digital forensics Cover:Bezpečí na internetu pro všechny

Newly Arrived Journal Issues

The Periodicals Reading Room is on the 3rd floor to the right of the elevators in section 3D. There you can find the most recent issues of print journals including fields like electronics, technology, and others.


Electronic Books

Print Books

Books dealing with computer security and cryptology are mostly located on the sixth floor on shelves 6D/069-6D/074; books about the security of networks and other topics are on the fourth floor on shelves 4D/092-4D/093. The library also provides several books addressing the problematic of cybercrime (sixth floor, shelf 6B/021).

Subject Shelf Call Number
Access control. Computer security 6D/069-6D/074 QA76.9.A25
Certification of electronic data processing personnel 6C/284 QA76.3
Coding theory 6D/117-6D/118 QA268
Coding theory. General works 4D/074 TK5102.92
Computer crimes 6B/021 HV8079.C65
Computer crimes. General works 6B/021 HV6773
Computer network security 4D/092-4D/093 TK5105.59
Computer viruses 6D/040 QA76.76.C68
Cryptographic techniques 4D/074 TK5102.94
Database security 6D/089-6D/090 QA76.9.D314
Electronic funds transfers 6A/281 HG1710
Expert systems (data protection) 6D/043-6D/044 QA76.76.E95
Individual operating systems (computer security) 6D/053-6D/062 QA76.774
Internet (computer security) 4D/097-4D/099 TK5105.875.I57
Law by subject, A-Z. Computers 6B/056 KJP5407.8.C65
Military science. Strategy. Miscellaneous topics 3C/210 U163
Multimedia systems (security) 6C/300-6C/301 QA76.575
Security measures. Data recovery. Disaster recovery 6A/266 HF5548.37
Telecommunication. Security measures 4D/069 TK5102.85

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