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New Books in Hydrogeology

Hydrogeology : groundwater science and engineering  Hydrogeology  Introduction to hydrogeology  Handbook of Engineering Hydrology. Fundamentals and Applications  Hydrochemie  Water Engineering : Hydraulics, Distribution and treatment  Groundwater Hydrology : Engineering, Planning, and Management  Hydraulics for Civil Engineers  Hydro-Environmental Analysis : Freshwater Environments  Radar Hydrology : Principles, Models, and Applications  Entropy Theory in Hydrologic Science and Engineering  Encyclopedic dictionary of hydrogeology 


The International Association of Hydrogeologists - IAH / AIH

The World-wide Groundwater Organisation. Our mission is to further the understanding, wise use and protection of groundwater resources throughout the world.


Electronic books

Recommended e-books

EuroKarst 2016, Neuchâtel : Advances in the Hydrogeology of Karst and Carbonate Reservoirs, 2017  Advanced groundwater remediation: Active and passive technologies, 2002  Developments in Water Science, 2006  Hydrology and the Management of Watersheds, 2012  Isotope Hydrology : A Study of the Water Cycle, 2014  Groundwater Hydrology of Springs, 2009 

Print Books

Subject Shelf Call Number
Hydrogeology 6A/044 GB1003
Hydraulics 4B/088-092, also 5B/004-005 TC145-176, also QA808 .2
Hydrochemistry 6A/043-044, also 5C/109-157 GB855, also QD39-142
Hydrology 6A/042-6A/044 GB656-1135
Sewerage and wastewater treatment 4B/132-134 TD645
Engineering geology and hydrogeology  6A/044, also 4B/057, 4B/099  GB1001, also TA705, TC542
Water management  4B/088-123, also 6A/042-043, 3D/109  TC145-TD204, also GB661, TD204 .V6332
Drinking water (water technology)  4B/123-129, also 4C/024-033, 3D109  TD204-461, also TH6014-7005, TD204 .V6332
Fluid mechanics 4A/103-105, also 4B/091, 4B/127  TA357, also TC171, TD426
Transport phenomena (fluid dynamics)  5B/010, also 5B/101-104, 5B/141  QC150-152
Mathematical modelling  4A/105, also 5B/010  TA357 .5, also QA911
Remediation technology  4B/118-151  TD192-895

Recomended books

Aqueous environmental geochemistry Groundwater geochemistry Transportní procesy Groundwater flow understanding : from local to regional scale Hydraulika podzemní vody Analytika vody Úvod do hydrogeochemie Mechanika kontinua


Online Articles

Electronic Journals

Print Journals

ISSN Journal title
1803-666X Zpravodaj o vodě
1211-0760 Vodní hospodářství
0042-790X Journal of Hydrology and Hydromechanics

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