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New books in National Library of Technology fund

Water engineering : hydraulics, distribution and treatment  Hydraulics for civil engineers  Water and wastewater calculations manual 




Recommended e-books

Hydraulics of Open Channel Flow, 2004  Sedimentation Engineering - Processes, Measurements, Modeling, and Practice, 2008  Hydraulic Structures, Fourth Edition, 2007  Wastewater Hydraulics, 2010  Fluvial Hydrodynamics, 2014  Modeling Groundwater Flow and Pollution, 1987 

Printed books

Subject Shelf Signature
Environmental hydraulics 4B/090 TC163.5
Hydraulic models  4B/090 TC164-TC164.6
Hydrostatics  4B/090 TC165-TC169


- Water tunnels

- Water waves

- Pipes and conduits

- Open channels, rivers and canals

- Underground flow

- Hydraulic measurements









Hydraulic structures  4B/092-4B/093  TC180
Hydraulic machinery  4C/164-4C/170 TJ836-TJ927

Recommended books

Fluvial hydraulics : flow and transport processes in channels of simple geometry  Nalluri & Featherstone's civil engineering hydraulics : essential theory with worked examples  Hydraulika 11 : příklady Hydraulika 20 : Příklady. [Díl 2] /  Hydraulics in civil and environmental engineering  Open-channel hydraulics  Hydraulic modelling : an introduction ; principles, methods and applications   Hydraulics of groundwater  Understanding hydraulics  Open channel hydraulics  Environmental hydraulics  Open channel hydraulics  Dam hydraulics  Schaum´s outline of theory and problems of fluid mechanics and hyrdaulics   2500 solved problems in fluid mechanics and hydraulics  Hydraulika pro vodohospodářské stavby 


Online articles


Printed journals

ISSN Title
1211-0760 Water management
0042-790X Journal of Hydrology and Hydromechanics

Reference resources


Web pages

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