Here, you can learn more about our print and electronic collection focused on and "around" the field. We encourage you to explore our books and journals, complemented by other potentially useful reference resources and web pages. This subject guide was created in cooperation with Department of Hydraulics and Hydrology under CTU Faculty of Civil Engineering.

New books in National Library of Technology fund

Hydrology and water resource systems analysis  Hydrometeorology  Physical hydrology  Understanding weather and climate   Water engineering with the spreadsheet : a workbook for water resources calculations using Excel   Fluvial forms and processes : a new perspective  Handbook of Engineering Hydrology. Fundamentals and Applications  Groundwater Hydrology : Engineering, Planning, and Management  Radar Hydrology : Principles, Models, and Applications  Proxydata v hydrologii : řada pražských průtokových kulminací 1118-1825  Entropy Theory in Hydrologic Science and Engineering 




Recommended e-books

Hydrology and water resource systems analysis  Isotope Hydrology: A Study of the Water Cycle, 2010  Rainfall-Runoff Modelling: The Primer, Second Edition, 2011 

Printed books

Periodicals  6A/041  GB651
Dictionaries. encyclopedias  6A/042  GB655
General works  6A/042-6A/043  GB659.9-GB661.2
Forest hydrology  6A/043  GB842
Karst hydrology  6A/043  GB843
Mountain hydrology  6A/043  GB843.5
Hydrological forecasting  6A/043 GB845
Hydrological cycle  6A/043 GB848
Natural water chemistry  6A/043-6A/044 GB855-GB857.3

Ground and surface waters

- Watersheds, Runoff. Drainage

- Groundwater. Hydrogeology

- Rivers. Stream measurements

- Lakes. Limnology

- Ponds

- Lagoons

- Ice. Glaciers. Ice sheets. Sea ice

- Snow

- Hydrometeorology












Recommended books

Klimatologie, meteorologie, hydrologie Hydrology in practice  Limnology  Handbook of weather, climate, and water : dynamics, climate, physical meteorology, weather systems, and measurements   Handbook of weather, climate, and water : atmospheric chemistry, hydrology, and societal impacts  Handbook of hydrology  Hydrology : an introduction  Environmental soil physics  An introduction to boundary layer meteorology 


Online articles

Benchmark articles


Printed journals

1211-0760 Water management
0042-790X Journal of Hydrology and Hydromechanics

Reference resources

  • International Glossary of Hydrology, UNESCO, 469 pages, 2012. Full text (pdf)
  • AccessScience - AccessScience is an authoritative and dynamic online resource that contains incisively written, high-quality reference material that covers all major scientific disciplines. An award-winning gateway to scientific knowledge, it offers links to primary research material, videos and exclusive animations, plus specially designed curriculum maps for teachers. With these and other online features, AccessScience is continually expanding the ways it can demonstrate and explain core, trustworthy scientific information in a way that inspires and guides users to deeper knowledge.


Web pages

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