Geodesy and Cartography

You will find here a collection of print and electronic books and journals with other useful online resources and web pages.

Electronic books

The library's collection also contains eBooks about the environment. For accurate searching, you can use these databases:

Print books

Books in geodesy are located on the fourth and fifth floors; details:

SubjectShelfCall Number
Surveying 4B030-034 TA501-TA625
Surveying in civil engineering 4B032-034 TA545
Railway geodesy 4B178 TF210
Geodetic astronomy 5B024-028 QB273-QB343
Physical geodesy 5B025-028 QB281, QB334
Satellite geodesy 5B026-028 QB201, QB281, QB343
Mathematical geodesy 5B028 QB283
Mathematical geography. Cartography 6A037-039 GA1-1776

Recommended books

Online articles

To find full-text articles, you can search in our discovery system Summon. Or search our electronic resources directly:

Electronic journals

Recommended journals

1805-2266 EGRSE - Exploration Geophysics, Remote Sensing and Environment (Journal of the CAAG – Czech Association of Geophysicists)
0009-2541 Chemical Geology
1432-1394 Journal of Geodesy
1573-0956 Surveys in Geophysics

Print journals

Current issues of journals (last two years) are in the Periodicals Reading Room (third floor). You can use the library catalog to find them.

Reference resources

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