Martin Lhoták - Czech Academy of Sciences Library, Prague

Title: The Czech Digital Library project - framework for aggregation, reuse and dissemination of the digital content

The goal of the project is to create the Czech Digital Library (“CDL”) which will aggregate content of digital libraries in the Czech Republic. It will serve both as a uniform interface for end-users and as a primary data provider for international projects, especially for the Europeana.

The open source Kramerius 4 system is the initial software solution for the Czech Digital Library. Kramerius 4 is based on the Fedora Commons repository system and is widely used as a digital library system in the Czech Republic.

Tools that will support complex digitization processes are developed in the frame of the CDL project. Included are digital documents processing and archiving solutions based on the Fedora Commons repository. The goal is to use these tools to increase the number of materials available in the Czech Digital Library.

Mutual interoperability between all developed systems and tools will be accented as well as interoperability with solutions already existing on the market. The aim is to share, use and reuse digital content as easily and effectively as possible.

Martin Lhoták is the Director of the Library of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic since 2007. He has been the head of IT dept. in the same library for almost 10 years before his recent appointment. His specialization is most of all development and administration of information systems for R&D information infrastructure, usually based on the open source platform. He is engaged in projects concerning digitization and dissemination and archiving of digital documents. The Kramerius system and the web portal are examples of his research project outputs.

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